Hi Karen 
Did you hear me smiling out loud around 11 your time last evening? 
I was reacting to an unexpected bonus plate in The Horseman's Yearbook 1947-48 that arrived yesterday. 
The entire collection is lovely and I thank you for the lovely delivery and special care you take with each order. 
The bonus is a very clear and detailed photo of then - Princess Elizabeth's first public presentation in the saddle - a side-saddle of course. 
She is accompanied by her father, the King and her uncle - a duke.  It is a fabulous historical piece that shows so much equestrian detail. 
Soooo it must be your fault I was up till midnight, my time, scouring the book, eh? :-) 
Thanks again for curating and offering great titles full of information and horsey history. 
Best wishes,  Alane
Dear Karen, 
I received my copy of 'The Velvet Room' and am writing to thank you for sending it. 
The book was very important to me as a child and it is very special to be able to revisit it. 
I especially loved the beautiful way you wrapped it with such care.  
Thank you for the great work you are doing in running such a lovely business.  
I hope you are well and staying safe in such uncertain times.  

Kind regards, 
Karryn McFadyen
Newcastle, Australia
Hello Karen, 
Thank you so much for the speedy shipping of the book I recently purchased: Sally Carrighar's ' One Day on Beetle Rock'. 
I very much appreciate the special packaging, especially the wrap and bow. 
I bought the book for my 95-year-old mom, who is an avid reader and who recently read another book by the same author. 
She liked it so much I offered to buy her copies of the rest of Carrighar's books, since she is visiting me from her home in NJ for a few months and my local library doesn't hold any in their collections. 
It was kind of a treat for her that four of Carrighar's books arrived today,
but yours was the only one that allowed her to open it as if it were a gift.  She enjoyed that! 
Thanks again, 
Jennifer Thorpe
Happy Holidays to you and all at Horse Books Plus!
I recently purchased the children's book, Whatever Happens to Baby Horses? and it was not only in wonderful condition, but also packed so securely and even gift wrapped!  I am delighted with your service and ever grateful as I had this precious book as a child (my horse trainer sister ended up with our copy) and now have a new horse lover in the family that can enjoy this book!
Wishing you the warmest of blessings and joy. 
Kind regards,
Deanna Chace

Hi Karen, 
I have been meaning to write you for over a week, but with Preakness weekend being last week, combined with the regular demands of work, I have not been able to check off much from my personal to-do list!
Anyway, I am writing to thank you for the wonderful transaction experience I had purchasing "Fair Exchange" by Humphrey Finney from you. 
Your advertisement was informative and accurate.  When the book arrived it was in excellent shape.  
This copy was the one with the author's signature - a really nice touch, considering that Mr. Finney would have been 112 years old today!
I should add that in the interest of full disclosure, I already had my own beat up copy of this book...
and was purchasing this one from you as a gift for a friend. 

You might be interested to know that my friend is Tom Thornbury, the Associate Director of Sales at Keeneland down in Lexington, KY.  
Mr. Thornbury has deep roots going far back in the area of buying and selling horses. 
That is why I thought to purchase this book for him. 

I had met him for only the second time this past April, at the Keeneland Spring Meeting.  
During this meeting, I had the opportunity to spend some time with him, and was impressed with his down to earth demeanor,
as well as his background. 
Mr. Finney, for his part, goes way back re: horse sales, being one of the key founders of the Fasig-Tipton sales, a big Keeneland competitor.  Mr. Finney's book is interesting because it covers the industry from the turn of the century through the early 1970's.  
Living in Northern VA, I found Mr. Finney's description of his life in Maryland Racing also of great interest when I read his book earlier this year.  
Anyway.... as you can see .... The book has found its way into the hands of someone who can really appreciate it. 
What prompted me to write to you, however, was not just the wish to share with you the above, but to THANK YOU for the incredible care you showed in the way you packaged up the book! 
The wrapping paper, the tri-colored thread, the sticker of the German Shepherd (do you have one?), and the "Thank you" label on the back... I actually did not unwrap the book for about a week ...
It was too much of a work of art to take apart! 
Someone who shows the kind of concern for a transaction as you obviously did, is someone I am happy to do business with.  
I am so glad I happened across your store in and in the future, I shall check your website to see if I can bring a little business your way. 
I am always on the lookout for an interesting, vintage, horse books. 
Thanks again, Karen.  
Keep up the great work! 


Dear Karen, 
I received my book today and thought the wrapping and personal thank-you was so nice. 
That type of customer service is hard to find. I appreciated it and love the book! 
Thanks, Cathy Bodily



I am writing to let you know that I received today the book that I ordered from you "Systematic Turf Speculation". 
I am extremely pleased to have this book; it arrived earlier than I expected and your description of the condition was absolutely accurate. 
The book is a compilation of articles that were written by Edgar G. Horn while he was the editor of Turf and Sport Digest. 
I had no idea that this book even existed until I visited your website.

The author, Edgar G. Horn, is my maternal grandfather, who died when I was very young. 
I have memories when I was a boy sitting on the floor of my bedroom reading back issues of Turf and Sport. 
I am pleased to have this book that is part of my heritage.
I have other mementos from my grandfather's past, as well as an interest in the history of horse racing, and will 
continue to visit your site and will gladly recommend it to friends. 

Richard Troja
Berwyn, Pa 


Hi Karen, 

The book arrived today. It was nicely packaged and gift wrapped. 
Thanks for the refrigerator magnet and bookmark. 
Have a nice day. Reggie

Dear Karen,
Thanks so much for the wonderful suggestion on a gift book for my friend.
You’ve made the task so easy.

J.L.Y., M.F.H.


I just want to say thank you, as I received the book as ordered in excellent condition in today's mail. 
May you be blessed in all that you do.
Jean in Hampton, VA


Hello! I did receive my book and I thank you! 
It was so easy doing business with you that I've kept your business card magnet and will definitely order from you again.
Happy New Year! Debbie
New Haven, CT  

PS: You should know that I picked you from a long list of possibilities because your ad was the nicest  and you presented your business in a way that made me feel that you love what you do! 
So congratulations on whoever put your web page together! 

Hi Karen!
You made my day and my daughter's day!
I really, really appreciate the care that you took in getting my copy of Silver Spurs to me!!
We received the book today and I was thrilled as I opened the package to find that it was gift wrapped.
My daughter was also super excited because after I told her that it was hers and it was wrapped, she couldn't wait to open it.
She didn't know it was coming and I have been looking for this book for quite some time. My dad used to read this book to my brother and I when we were younger at Christmas time. I was so happy to read it to her and the gift wrap made it more special.

Thanks so much for everything!!!
I look forward to reading her her new bedtime story!

Cutler Bay, FL

Dear Karen,
The Water Babies arrived in Australia today; many, many thanks.  
My sister has very fond memories of this particular edition and I am thrilled to be able to give it to her.
Once again thanks for the prompt delivery.  
Have a safe and happy Christmas.
Kind Regards, Heather
Pambula, NSW


Thank you for the prompt delivery of Harvey's Hideout.
It was delivered in great shape.
I was so happy to read it with my 6 yr old son and tell him stories about how it was for me growing up with 4 sisters and 4 brothers. 

Thankfully, we were never lonely, but since my son is the youngest of 5 and there is a 14 year age difference between him
and the next oldest one (his big brother),
he is sometimes without a playmate and knows full well how important it is to be nice and to share with others
(because he REALLY does not like to be without a friend to play with). 

Great memories in reading this book... Can't wait to show it to my siblings, they will get a kick out of it. 
Christina Walsh 
New York, USA
Dear Karen,

Pat the Postman pushed up through the snow this morning with the parcel. 
I hesitated a long time before opening the Christmas wrapping, wondering 
whether to put it like that beneath the tree, but impatience overtook me and 
I opened it up. 
The book is younger than I am but is in much better shape so 
I'm extremely happy with it despite your cautious warnings. 
Thanks a lot and seasonal greetings from Ireland (not such a bad place to live despite the 
gloomy financial situation).

Best wishes, Jim
County Wicklow, Ireland


I recently purchased a high end book set via the Internet, something I seldom do, especially at 3,000 miles.
When I emailed the book shop, Horse Books Plus, asking for a more detailed description of the book,
Karen Wild promptly emailed additional images (of all 3 volumes).
I then called and spoke to her personally, asking for more information.
Karen gathered up the books and went through each one to answer my questions,
taking particular care to address her definition of the "flaws" of each volume. 

When the books arrived at my house, they were properly and safely packaged, which completed a very positive experience.
This type of service can get no better.
Bill Souza 
Carson City, Nevada

Hi Karen,
Just for your information, I am giving this book as a gift to my instructor who trained under Gordon Wright in the 70's. 
She said that Gordon Wright and George Morris were the best to read.
Only in a much later conversation I learned that she trained under both of them and traveled with Gordon Wright. 
She has showed me an old copy of the book she had that was signed by Gordon and had lent it to someone and never saw it again. 
I decided at the ripe old age of _ _ that I really wanted the teaching skills that I thought giving this signed book to her would let her know how grateful I am for all she has taught me. She is truly a horse whisperer. 

Thank you for having this book to purchase.

Dear Peggy,
Thank you for this wonderful story! 
I took a clinic years ago with Gordon Wright who was a charming and lovely man. 

I competed in the Jr. Equitation scene in the 70's and had George Morris as a judge several times,
I even broke my 'Limit status' at Pine Hill Riding Ctr, Framingham, MA with George in the judge's stand. 

As recently as 3 yrs ago, George gave a clinic here in Virginia at Morven Park which I audited and we had a lovely chat. 
He recalled the Pine Hill shows and signed his name to an old show photo I had brought along of myself riding in that class I won. 

I told him I wasn't able to quality for the Medal finals as my equitation horse went lame in my last junior year
and wining that class at Pine Hill under George was 'enough' for me.
We both actually shed a tear and a hug. 
I've been a disciple of George & Gordon all my life. 

So happy to have been part of your story as well.
Enjoy the book and happy trails! 
Keep that coupon code handy and I'll include an extra business card magnet for your trainer. 

Karen Wild 

Just to say "thanks" from a satisfied customer.
I have now received in the post the book Robin the Rover
written and illustrated by Arthur Mansbridge. 

Your service was first class from the time I found your website by doing 
a "Google" on Arthur Mansbridge (who was my grandfather) and
then being able to talk for free from the UK using Skype.

Despite my grandfather being an illustrator of childrens books
for many years (1930s - 1950s) I had few of them but in recent
times have acquired some using the internet.
But until I found your website, I had not been able to match up 3 original illustrations
that I had of "Robin" on his travels.
So now I can see the end product of my grandfather's work.

Martin Cearns
Essex, UK

Dear Karen,

I have got the book and I appreciated very much the  neatness and the sober
elegance of the wrapping.

Con cordiali saluti

Avv. Roberto HAAB
Lugano, Switzerland


Hi Karen,

The Elephant book arrived safely and thanks again!
The nice gift wrapping is a surprise. 
I am sure to recommend your store to every book-loving friend I know!

Best regards,
Alex in Taiwan 

The book arrived safely yesterday.

I'm very happy to find this copy.
Really beautiful.
Very many thanks for all you have done for me.
See you again.

Best wishes,
Yoshi Suzuki 
Tokyo, Japan

Dear Karen,
The copy of Golden Handcuffs you sent to me in Ireland was delivered safely today.
I'm glad to have it -- the writer who gets special attention in it was a good friend of mine -- and thanks very much.
Incidentally, the wrapping-job around the magazine was so elegant that I almost regretted that I had to break through to reach the contents. 
If I order again, I must remember to have a camera to hand.
Again thanks.
Hi Karen

Thanks you so much for your efforts in securing the Winter Story for me.
The package arrived nicely gift wrapped and my daughter and I were thrilled.
I will certainly contact you again when I need another book.

Ontario, Canada


  Dear Karen,

Many thanks for for your prompt and friendly service. 
The book arrived yesterday and was exactly what we had hoped for.
Have a great weekend and Thank you again.

White Plains, NY


Dear Karen, 
I have received few hours ago the three books that I have purchased from you.
All of them are great, in very good condition (better than announced in your web) and the wrapping is amazing.
All I want to say is thank you.
I expect to do new purchases in the future from you (I am a student crazy about horses and sometimes I haven´t got too much money,
but I promise to save a bit for continuing buying books from Horse Book Plus)
I am 200% satisfied.
Once again thank you and I expect to be in contact you in a near future for buying other "golden oldies".
Kind Regards from Spain, Raul. 


Karen,  I am very grateful for the book and the way (or how) it arrived.
Many Thanks,



I received the Dick Bruna book Miffy's Birthday this week.
 The packaging is adorable. Just perfect for our granddaughter's 2nd birthday in August.

I have a friend in The Netherlands who just sent me pictures of her son on his
 1st birthday with a Miffy cake.

 Thanks for your good service. 
Ruth Marcon 


Thank you so much for the careful packing of my book!
I am so excited to have this treasure!
On July 11, 1983 my parents presented Dean's Mother Goose Rhymes to my sister as a
"congratulations on being a big sister" present (or perhaps a consolation prize hehe). 

I always looked at this book and my dad taught both my sister and me lots of the rhymes.
We grew up and my sister got to keep the book, (it was really hers afterall).
Nearly 27 years later I FINALLY have my own copy!
(AND it's in better shape than the one we had when I was a child.)
Irwin, PA
Thank you so much! 

                  The book I recieved is wonderful. I am very happy with the condition it was in and the giftwrapping was a nice touch.

I enjoy it very much.
Again I thank you!  

Alexis Brinkley

Dear Karen, 
Kindest thanks for offering this volume which holds a very special place in my heart. 
As I read the first few lines upon receipt this morning I was filled with marvelous reveries of childhood summer days of sunshine and reading in the grass and swing sets and fluffernutters by the pool and my lovely mother's face.  Precious. 

Endless thanks and all best wishes to a transplanted New Englander in VA. 
Joanne - West Roxbury, MA 
You Rock, girl! 
Thanks for not "horsing around!" - but getting right on it for me. 
A rare breed you are!
Jeff - Auburn, IN
Received the book today.
I want to cry. It is so precious.
I felt the price was fair, given the condition of the book....and it is so lovely.

It is the most "loved" book in my collection.  I felt it belonged to a sweet little lady who loved it very much.
Those were my first feelings when I opened it. It had one, maybe two owners?

I just texted my mainline book expert person to tell him how excited I was
To have and touch it. So awesome.
I have always wanted this "one" book.

This is also why I love collecting books. Book people (most of them) are good, wonderful, honest and dear.
Your email back to me confirmed this once again. 
And, now I have you as a new friend when I go hunting for a favorite.....and I only have about 7 that  I put my faith in their word and item.
So thank you for that :-)

Thank you so much.
Mary - California
Dear Karen,
I received the books yesterday.
They are so lovely ! (with pretty wrapping!)
My friend loves hers as well.
The book condition are just great.
We thank you again and again.
My friend loves Roger Duvoisin's and
I like Bjorn Berg, Yevgeny Rachov, Feodor Rojankovsky and many other Russian artists.
Do you have Russian picture books ?  (translated into English is better)
Thanks million for everything.
Warmest wishes,
Hiromi - Tokyo, Japan 
       Let me tell you first that I order approximately (on the average) of 
5-8 books a month, and have done so for the last 10 years or so.  Yours is 
one of the one's I will remember from now on.  It was so beautifully 
wrapped, that I felt like I had  bought myself a gift instead of ordering a 
book.  Enclosing the bookmark and magnet was a stroke of genius.  I am going 
to keep your website in my "favorites" with my other booksellers, and you 
can be sure that, from now on, I will be checking your website 1st!

'til later, 
Maggie Gascoigne

Karen, Book arrived this morning.
Just want to say that I am really impressed with the service that I got from you.
The package was well protected and I thought that the wrapping was absolutely smashing with the look of a personal touch.
I would not hesitate to recommend your company to other people.

D. Halliday - Gloucestershire, UK


Dear Ms Wild,
Thank you for sending my book Pioneers of Modern Design - Pevsner, and which has now arrived.

I have to say that no matter how much I have spent on a book, I have never had one so delightfully wrapped - ribbon and quality paper - or had so much care taken.  It was worth buying the book just for the experience, - turning a purchase into what feels like a gift!

Thank you.
Best Wishes, Mark Goddard - Kent, UK


THANK YOU, Karen. 
     You have been most helpful, and very flexible and willing. 
     I will keep the coupon and hope to work with you again. 

 Best,  Wendy in Chula Vista, CA 


 Hi, Ms. Wild,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the book today, about 15 hours after I had ordered it.
It had been very well packaged and, of course, quickly shipped.
Thank you so much for the OUTSTANDING service! 

Bill - Gaithersburg, MD 
Just wanted to let you know an order I placed from you arrived today and I am pleased to death!
I always LOVE opening packages, but when they are wrapped as pretty as this one was it even doubles the fun! 
Thank you VERY much for your care in getting orders out! 
And I LOVED the contents of the package, too - can hardly wait to sit down with a nice cup of coffee and start reading!
Thanks again and I wish you all the best!
Linda Mueller - Wadsworth, Ohio